Welcome to Beach 6

Part of the Private
Lake Mohawk Community

About Beach 6

Beach 6 is one of the thirteen beaches within the Lake Mohawk Country Club reservation.  Lake Mohawk is a private community that is not open to the public.  All members are required to wear current LMCC wristbands on the beach and may bring guests as long as they are wearing a guest wristband.  

While all LMCC members are welcome at Beach 6, it is important to understand that Beach 6 and all of the LMCC beaches (with the exception of Beach 1) are organized and maintained by volunteers.  These volunteers raise funds to pay for the amenities at Beach 6, including the docks, slips, tents, tables, courts, play equipment, sheds, port-o-johns, barbeques, and more.  These volunteers also organize community functions, maintain the safety of the beach, and keep it clean to the best of their ability.  

If you enjoy Beach 6 and visit frequently, we’d love for you to join us!  Typically you start by signing up to be a Beach 6 member, attend our annual spring clean-up and dock days, and just come hang out and help when you can. 


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